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Feedback from past participants


"I feel that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to."

- Janet


"I feel better about myself and actually motivated to continue working on focusing on myself for a change."

- Nicole K


"My brain feels less foggy and more relaxed. Learning to be kind to myself in the face of failure has been a HUGE step in allowing myself to grow and develop better habits."

- Mickayla


"Like many, I've been struggling with motivation throughout the pandemic and was having a really hard time getting it together. To my surprise, I found this program incredibly effective and helpful. It gave me a sense of community and enabled me to put positive habits into place that I continue to this day. I recommend it to anyone looking to add structure or new habits into their life."

- Anonymous


"I am much more consistent in making space for "me time". I also learned to listen to myself - both my body and my mental state - and be more attuned to how I was feeling and why. Through the insights I gained from the program, I feel more equipped to make changes to adjust and optimistic about my ability to maintain my progress."

- Vice President, Google


"The biggest highlight of the program for me was the feeling that I’ve finally “cracked procrastination” after so many years of struggle. There’s still a long way to go, since I’m dealing with a deeply rooted, very old and tricky habit, but this gives me so much hope. That it is actually possible to defeat it and that I can be in control of my own life and mind, while enjoying the process. Pair that with being more aware of my internal processes through mindfulness and learning about the critical importance of abstinence from vices, and the value that the program provided in four weeks is immeasurable."

- Milan

How it works

1 Register

Registration is free, but requires a credit card for accountability (explained next).

After joining, you are placed into a “moai” - your intimate peer cohort.

2 Follow your Challenge

Every week, you follow a self-set challenge and submit a 15 minute guided check-in - on your schedule.

Your card is charged1 to charity (not us) for every missed2 check-in. Skin in the game!

3 Finish!

Congratulations! In 30 days, you improved your life and gained the tools to sustain that progress.

Pay us what you think it was worth and only if you see results. We only make money if you succeed.

1 Your card is not charged on sign-up, but we need it to hold you accountable. See the FAQs.

2 You are only required to submit the check-in, not succeed with your goals. See the FAQs.

Our Principles

Tighten the Feedback Loop

The check-ins prompt reflection on what worked and what didn’t. Writing is thinking - by articulating your learnings, you discover actionable advice for next week. This compounds over time.

Bias towards Action

Content is deliberately sparse in the program. The emphasis is on execution, not education. Quality content isn't the bottleneck - the lack of action is.

Aligned Incentives

We only make money if you succeed. There is no conflict of interest, unlike other business models (e.g ads, endorsements, affiliate links) that are rewarded by consumption, not action.



Runs for 30 days.
Sep 16 - Oct 16.

Time Commitment

15 minutes per weekly check-in. Do it on your schedule, but it's due every Sunday.


You will be billed $100 to charity (not us) for every missed check-in.

Registration is now closed. Join the waitlist below.


Why is a credit card required to register? The program is free to join. Your credit card will not be charged upon registration. However, we need your card to donate to charity on your behalf only if you don't complete the program. This increases your chance of success by 600% and ensures that everyone in your group is serious.
Will I be charged if I check in consistently, but fail to reach my goals? Nope. As long as you complete all the check-ins on time, you won’t be charged. We believe in self-compassion, understanding and self-love over anything else, including hitting external goals. Sustainable growth and success not only starts with those things, but it requires them.
What is the time commitment? The weekly check-ins only take 15 minutes to complete - you can do them whenever, but they are due every Sunday. That’s it! There are no video calls or live sessions. During the week, you’ll be following your challenge and sharing your progress (optional, but recommended) with your Moai on the Discord group.
Can I be anonymous? Absolutely! There are no video or voice calls. You can also set an anonymous nickname when you join your Moai.
If I fail, what charity does my stake go to? By default, it goes to GiveDirectly. We are not affiliated with them. If you have another preference, please email us at team@themoai.org.
How is this different from a course? The program is focused on application, not theory. There will be very limited content and just enough structure for participants to grow at their own pace. It is the best of both worlds - the community of a class paired with the independence of self-learning.
What if I have questions or sticking points along the way? Ask away to your Moai - that’s what they’re there for!
What is a Moai? A Moai is a social support group. The concept originated in Okinawa, Japan - it means "meeting for a common purpose" in Japanese. According to research, they are considered one of the leading factors of the longevity of lifespan of the Okinawan people, making the region among the highest concentration of centenarians in the world.
Do I get to claim a charitable deduction if my stakes are forfeited to a charity? No. To minimize our bookkeeping and legal costs, we do not provide tax receipts.
When do you donate my money to charity? In order to reduce the number of transaction fees incurred, we accumulate the contributions and make the charitable donations en masse during the holiday season at the end of each calendar year.
I have another question. How do I contact you? Shoot us an email at team@themoai.org!

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